Years of experience modern machinery park and most of all highly qualified employees allows AUTOSAN sp. z o.o. to offer various services in the field of:

  • production of parts,
  • welding,
  • sand-blasting,
  • protective coatings,
  • retrofits,
  • laboratory works,
  • design and execution of tools,
  • Vehicle Inspection Center ,
  • waterproof testing (rain chamber).

We are offering following industrial services:

1. Cutting rods and tubs on

  • circular saw
  • band-saw.

2. Machining parts at the machining centers

  • milling 3D, driling, threading, boring.

3. Turning on lathes • turret and CNC

  • pulled from rod, casting, forgings.

4. Threading

  • on vertical tappers
  • on thread rolling machines.

5. Milling from castings, forgings and other base materials on:

  •  standard milling machines
  • CNC milling machines.

6. Drilling on

  • box column drill
  • pillar drill
  • radial drill.

7. Pull broaching on vertical broaching machines.

8. Grinding on

  • surface grinders
  • holes grinders
  • shaft grinders.

9. Slotting on vertical slotting machines with:

  • longitudinal feed
  • transversal feed
  • vertical feed.

10. Laser cutting.

Materials cutted from black steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys

  • metal sheets
  • tubes and profiles.

11. Cutting and slotting on 18 slot tool head.

12. Cutting sheets on

  • CNC guillotine shears
  • rotary slitters.

13. Stamping sheets on

  • eccentric presses
  • crank presses.

14. Bending sheets on CNC brake press.

15. Bending of profiles, closed or open i.e. L or C type and pipes on CNC bender.

16. Straightning sheets on rollers.

17. ABS thermoforming.

19. Heat treatment in electric chamber owens

  • hardening
  • tempering
  • annealing.

20. Wood, plywood, cheapboard and laminates processing

  • cutting on circular and band saws
  • milling
  • drilling
  • planning with lower and upper spindle planners.

21. Sandblasting.

22. Parts, assemblies and finished products wet painting with chemical surface preparation (phosphating).

23. Assembly of assemblies, sub-assemblies, metal and metal/plastic constructions for:

  • motor vehicles,
  • rail vehicles,
  • other products not related with automotive industry.

Assembly can be made by:

  • welding in the gaseous protection (Argon, Corgon, Cronigon),
  • seam and spot welding,
  • bonding,
  • riveting.

24. Production of tools and technological instrumentation

  • moulds
  • dies
  • punches
  • turning, milling, drilling, assembling and welding equipment.

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