Our Values


Mission of AUTOSAN sp. z o.o is continuous pursuit to meet the growing needs of transport operators and military customers at the highest possible level by providing them compliant with requirements, safe and environmentally-friendly vehicles, manufactured based on the latest technology.


The goal of the Company's activities is to achieve a significant position among the domestic bus manufacturers and to carry out activities in the field of manufacturing products for the defence and security needs of the State.


Without any exaggeration we can say, that AUTOSAN is a brand which “carried Poland”. AUTOSAN buses have been known to many generations of Poles. For decades they have been driving them to work, school and on holidays. They reached every corner of Poland, on the asphalt and the dirt roads, in the sun and in the bad weather. Currently AUTOSAN is state of the art technical and technological solutions, care for people and the environment. The key values that guide the company are: experience and dynamic, reliability and economy. AUTOSAN is competent, friendly, trustworthy and Polish. This is the BRAND you can rely on.



AUTOSAN factory logotype is a stylized stork. This is not the coincident or the graphic vision: the connection of the Polish bus factory and the stork, a bird which is one of the POLAND symbols has its historical significance. Already in the middle of the last century the storks liked the chimney of the factory buildings and nestled on it. Since then, successive generations of these beautiful birds have come to Sanok and settled near production halls. The first logo of the Sanok Bus Factory AUTOSAN designed by her employee and the famous Polish painter Zdzisław Beksinski, contained the symbol of the stork’s wing. Further logos, including current one symbolize the flying stork.

Stork took the factory "under his guardian wings".



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