Company founders

The story of the bus factory in Sanok begins in 1832, when a small boiler plant was founded by two participants of the November Uprising, Walenty Lipiński and Mateusz Beksinski. They were both from Koprzywnica near Sandomierz and after the fall of the uprising, they decided to settle in Sanok by buying a small manor house with farm buildings. In these buildings a workshop was created, which produced boiler products corresponding to the demand of developing in the area brewing and distilling industry.

Lipiński and Beksiński linked themselves with Sanok more closely by taking on wife’s two sisters : Honorata and Karolina, daughters of a Sanok town officer. Shortly in the workshop beside the boilers and other everyday items, its owners began to make locksmith and blacksmith services.

After death of Mateusz Beksinski Walenty Lipiński decided to pass the workshop to his educated and son Kazimierz. He began transforming the workshop into a larger factory by building new production halls and warehouses.

Initially with Czech industrialist Jan Schenk met during his study in Prague as a partner, who equipped factory in modern machinery. The partnership lasted shortly and after paying back the shareholder Kazimierz Lipiński became the sole owner of the company.

Thanks to his efforts developing factory received its first order for four wagons from Krakow City. High quality of made wagons bring further orders.

To meet them all the company under the name "First Galician Join Stock Society for Construction of Wagon and Machines" was formed, and Kazimierz Lipiński became its CEO. At the same time on the newly purchased land, building of a new factory was started, where it is located until today at its current name of Kazimierz Lipiński Street.

The direct descendant of one of the founders of the company resigned from CEO position at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in 1900.


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